Kemper and Brinkley are the hosts of this fun party!

They believe that days are best spent lounging around, basking in the sun, and





AKA Man Child

Kemper is the sweetest, cuddliest boy around, but he is a big ol’ baby!

Did you lose track of time? Don’t worry, Kemper knows it, especially when it comes to dinner time.

Birthday: 12/11/12


AKA The One in Charge

This spunky little sister is in charge of her bigger older brother, and the whole house. She is petite so everything thinks she is still a puppy but don’t be fooled, she can rumble with Kemper during their bitey face play time sessions. 9 times out of 10 she will win and get the toy from him too.

can’t sit very well, but walks really well

We added Brinkley into our family on a whim, right before moving from Boston to Tampa.

Birthday: 6/30/15


Nicole (Human Mom)

AKA The Writer

Price (Human Dad)

AKA Dog Walker

Autumn & Hunter (Human Sister and Brother)

AKA The Treat Givers


AKA The old one

The first pet in the house, she was bigger than Kemper when he first came to the house. She won’t make many appearances on the blog because she is a grump at 9 years old. Are you aware of the rabbit in Monty Python? Her temper is just as bad!