Finding The Best Food Bowl for Your Dog

Fellow Boston Terrier owners can relate when I say “pee-yew!”

Boston Terriers are know tooters. They can clear a room with their toots.

There are several factors that cause these stink bombs from diet, stress, anatomy, etc. Even the food bowl that they eat from can effect how much air they in take while eating, resulting in toot toot toot.

There are all different dog feeders out there that can help reduce the amount of air your dog gobbles up while they eat their food.

Angled dog bowls helps position the food at a better angle, making it more ergonomically correct for your dog, keeping them in a position that reduces air intake that is associated with flatulence.

“Slow feeders” or “Busy bowls” are bowls that help slow your dog down, instead of taking in a lot of air while they are scarfing down their food. These bowls are great if your dog also eats too quickly and then throws up from that.

Over the years we have gone through several different kinds of bowls.

Plastic bowls- They were easy to take with us when we traveled but over time Kemper chewed them up.

Ceramic bowls- easy to clean, but they chipped over time. Plus, Kemper would bang it with his paw when he wanted food.  If he was really annoyed with the delay then he would knock over his water bowl for extra attention!

Slow Feeders – When Kemper was a puppy he thought they were a fun toys so he would chew on them while eating dinner. He ruined several.

Ultimately, we found that elevated dog feeders worked well for both Kemper and Brinkley.

Besides, reducing the toots, it is argued that elevated bowls can be really helpful in reducing the possibility of developing Gastric Dilatation Volvulus or “GDV”, commonly known as “Bloat”. They are also great for dogs with arthritis, neck or back problems.

Specifically for us, they helped reduce toots, Kemper couldn’t bang them, and Brinkley could easily eat out of them with her short little legs.

You know those videos of puppies that are eating on a plate and flip forward since they are bent forward… yep, Brinkley used to do that before we got these elevated feeders.


We fell in love with our elevated feeders

Our elevated bamboo feed stations are perfect for Kemper and Brinkley!

They are sleek and modern looking so they fit in well with our decor. The bamboo

I like that they are easy to clean. The stainless steel bowls are can go into the dishwasher. You just need to do a quick wipe-down on the feeder. Don’t let water pool on it as it can cause the bamboo to discolor and potentially grow any mold.

Both dogs are comfortable using them. These come in a variety of heights, but the 4″ high feeder is great for this smaller breed dog.

Their set came with 4 bowls in 2 different sized bowls (1.5 cups and 2.5 cups). We used the smaller bowl for food and the deeper bowl for water. The extra bowls are great to have on hand when you are washing one set.

Is it time for you to try a different bowl for your dog?

If you are interested in trying the elevated feeders from Pawfect Pets that Kemper and Brinkley have, then use coupon code “FEED20PF” for 20% off!!


As always, consult with a veterinarian in matters of health, wellness, and safety so they can assist you in providing the best care for your dog.  


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3 thoughts on “Finding The Best Food Bowl for Your Dog

  1. irenemchugh says:

    We use elevated bowls as well. When we brought Bernie home two summers ago, he was getting nauseated more than we thought was normal, so we switched to elevated bowls and added a probiotic to his daily routine. I wish I had known about Pawfect Pets back then because it took me forever to find a modern wooden feeder that fit our home. Will keep them in mind, though, for future purchases.


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