Sunny Days ahead- Today Show’s New Guide Dog in Training

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Day 2 was a success! (📷: @photonate)

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For the 3rd year in a row, The Today Show (NBC) is featuring a puppy that will be trained to be a guide dog.

Previously, Today featured Charlie and Wrangler, now it’s Sunny‘s turn for the spot light for their Puppies with a Purpose program.

He is an 8 week old yellow lab, who will be trained by Guide Dog Foundation for 16 months to be a guide dog for a teenager.

Charlie went on to become a service dog for a Veteran, living in North Carolina.

Wrangler was originally intended to be a guide dog, but now he is training for detection of drugs and bombs, working with an officer in Connecticut.

It will be really fun to follow along with Sunny’s adventures in the Orange Room, on the Plaza, and other places the Today Show features, but the real focus is remembering how it important service dogs, of all kinds, are to people of all ages with all kinds of needs.

There are dogs that have been trained for various needs, like becoming guide dogs for the visually impaired and other dogs that have need trained to help people with seizures.

If you are considering fostering a guide dog or service dog, then reach out to local organizations near you. It is a very rewarding program to be a part of.

Images courtesy of The Today Show.

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