10 Things I Learned While At Global Pet Expo

I had the great honor of getting to attend Global Pet Expo just over a week ago as a member of the “Press” through my Instagram account and this blog.

It was a fun, energizing, educational, delightful experience. I met so many great people that represent brands, or even own them,

Here are just a few fun things I learned while I was there.


1. Our pets mean the world to us!

Clearly, with so many great brands that are dedicated to our pets, you can tell that we are head over heels in love with our pets. You can find just about anything under the sun here for all sorts of animals.

While there is a heavy focus on dog brands, they had everything you could think of for dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, cows, horses, ferrets, fish, and many others.

2. There are so many cool pet products out there.

I saw everything from food and treats, carriers and strollers, beds and crates, collars and leashes, tanks and hideaways, corals to treasures, and so much more.

Yeah, I think you get the point!

3. There are so many cool pet entrepreneurs out there.

The show is busy, but I had a great time getting to talk to so many product creators. They are all so passionate about the products that they have created from treats, toys, beds, hand crafted leashes and much more. I really respect their ideas, creativity, and passion for the products that they created to better the lives of all of our pets

4. You can never have too many treats aND Toys.



I attending a really interesting seminar about dog food nutrition and it really blew my mind.

6. Sit when you can!

There are so many things to see that you end up criss crossing the expo floor.

I was racking up those steps on my Fitbit left and right so I suggest that you sit down when you can to regroup and relax your feet. And, wear comfortable shoes!!

7. You get to meet online friends in real life!!!

I am so excited that I got to meet Hannah, who is the awesome mom to Maggie and Orbit. We have been online friends for the past year and a half. We msg each other on IG and FB and do video chats with other IG dog friends talking about how to create great content for our accounts, build websites, and share other cool stuff with each other like podcasts and dog product trends.

Getting to meet an online friend in real life is the best!

8. Celebrity dogs will always be cooler than you.

I also got to meet Doug The Pug.

Doug can smile on command. So cute.

9. A Dog Latte is the best thing ever.

There was a super fun latte artist in a booth and he was making portraits of our dogs in the latte foam. I had a latte made of Brinkley.


He even nailed the Haggerty Spot!!

10.You Will Look Forward to going back Year after YEar.!

I already can’t wait to go again next year!

I was really excited when my application to attend was approved. Like, boogie woogie in my chair excited, but I left feeling so much more excited than that. And, that was after 2 days of early mornings on the road to drive to Orlando, lots of walking, lots of talking, and long drives in traffic home. The time flew by but I can’t wait to go back next year!



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