The Best Gifts For Dog Moms

I love being a mom, but I love being a “Dog mom” too.

Both my human kids and my dog kids are super sweet, and I spend plenty of time dealing with poop from all 4 of them, but the best is that the my sweet pups don’t talk back to me when tablet time is over. They only bark at me when the peanut butter jar is out for lunch and I didn’t give them any.

There are so many wonderful “Dog Moms” out there that love their dogs so much. It is time to celebrate with that love.

Gift giving to show that we all understand that their sweet dog kids are so important to them is  wonderful and very thoughtful. From Mother’s Day, birthday’s, and Christmas, it’s super important to let all those lovely Dog Moms that we have in our lives feel showered with love, not just slobber!

Here are 15 wonderful gifts that your fellow Dog Moms would love!


Paw Print Necklace – $159

Personalized Mug – $17+

“Dog Mom” Car Decal – $5

Custom Dog Ornament – $22

“Furbaby Mama” Mug – $17+

“Not Drinking Alone” Wine Glass – $20

Personalized Dog Print – $10

Better Life Sign – $10

Dog Wine Glass – $10

Lost Dog Tag – $11

“A Girl and Her Dog” Custom Watercolor – $120

Willow Tree Angle of Friendship Statue– $20

“Dog Mom” Hat -$25

Fur Mama Insulated Wine Tumbler – $20

“Dog Mom” Shirt – $25


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